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Ducor Petrochemicals, a leading manufacturer of polypropylene product solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Fournier Polymers. Under this collaboration, Fournier Polymers will serve as the exclusive distribution partner for Ducor’s innovative DuCare product range in the Benelux region.

DuCare: Revolutionizing Healthcare and Life Science Applications

DuCare, a specialized product line developed by Ducor Petrochemicals, is specifically designed for medical devices and other life science applications. These high-quality polypropylene materials meet rigorous standards, making them ideal for critical healthcare and life science needs. DuCare polypropylene is suitable for various applications, including injection moulding, compound manufacturing, and more.

The DuCare product range is underpinned by the DuCare Service Concept, which embodies the principles of pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), emphasizing awareness, change control, and meticulous documentation, all encapsulated through the ISO 13485 certification. It delivers a range of benefits to enhance healthcare and life science quality and safety.

Ducor is continuing the drive to develop sustainable solutions, through the offering of ISCC PLUS certification, for all of it’s DuCare products, as well as the entire Ducor portfolio.

ISCC PLUS is a global certification that covers the entire supply chain based on mass balance accounting, from raw material to final product, guaranteeing compliance with highest environmental and social standards. By establishing a chain of custody, it ensures traceability for both renewable-based materials. It also verifies that the mass balance accounting follows predefined and transparent rules.the way in the development of sustainable solutions, the entire DuCare portfolio can be offered

Fournier Polymers, a trusted name in polymer distribution, brings extensive expertise and a strong network to the partnership. Their commitment to excellence, aligns perfectly with Ducor’s vision for delivering top-tier products to the healthcare industry. By appointing Fournier Polymers as our distribution partner, we aim to enhance accessibility and streamline the supply chain for DuCare products in the Benelux market.

We are excited to join forces with Fournier Polymers. Their reputation for reliability and customer-focused service, makes them an ideal partner. Together, we can provide turn-key solutions to the healthcare sector while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service. Not only are we strengthening our full value chain service offering by the strong partnership expansion with Fournier Polymers, we are also increasing the availability of high quality DuCare solutions based on renewable and bio circular feedstocks, on a mass balance basis, through our ISCC PLUS certification.
– Mr. Patrick Ottens, Director Sales & Supply Chain at Ducor Petrochemicals

Our collaboration with Ducor Petrochemicals represents a significant milestone. We look forward to introducing DuCare products to our clients, empowering them to innovate and create safer, more efficient medical solutions.
Mr. Reinier Lammens , Managing Director  of Fournier Polymers


DuCare products are now available through Fournier Polymers in the Benelux region. For inquiries, please contact Fournier Polymers at

For more information about Ducor Petrochemicals and the DuCare product range, visit

About Ducor Petrochemicals: Ducor Petrochemicals specializes in the production of more sustainable polypropylene products solutions for various applications, including healthcare, life-science, automotive parts, , electrical appliances, textiles, packaging materials, and household items.

About Fournier Polymers: Fournier Polymers is a leading distributor of polymer materials, serving industries worldwide. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made them a preferred partner for manufacturers and end-users alike.

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