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We reduce our ecological footprint thanks to PRS pallets

PRS pallet ensures a smaller ecological footprint

Ducor Petrochemicals BV has taken several steps to reduce the ecological footprint of its logistics activities. We have invested in modifications to our conveyor belts and our packaging machine. In addition, we have conducted a series of tests to streamline our logistics and technical activities. The most important decision is the transition from single to multiple usage of our 50.000 pallets per year.

For a more sensible use of pallets, Ducor has entered into a partnership with the company PRS, an abbreviation for Pallet Return System. PRS been organizing the controlled reuse and shared use of CP-type pallets for the European polymer industry for years.


By recuperating, refurbishing and reusing pallets, PRS succeeds in preserving 400.000 trees per year. This comes to approximately 1000 per day. Ducor is proud to be able to contribute to this and would like to thank all its customers for participating enthusiastically in this environmentally friendly story.

PRS Green Label for Ducor

PRS acknowledges all parties that actively contribute to this circular model with the issue of the PRS Green Label.  Ducor was also awarded this distinction for its active efforts to work and contribute to a better environment.

Circular pooling system

The PRS pooling system is extremely simple. PRS supplies all necessary pallets to Ducor for all packaged deliveries to its customers. PRS collects the pallets from all customers and takes them to the local warehouses.
The pallets are inspected and repaired there, according to strict quality criteria and redelivered to the closest PRS customer, ready for use again. This circular pooling system for reuse and recycling has been developed perfectly in order to contribute to our sustainability ambitions.


The wood used by PRS for the pallets is FSC/PEFC certified. At the end of their life cycle, all wood from PRS pallets is reprocessed to produce pressed wood products, or for use as biomass. Nothing goes to waste. The PRS system saves a tree every time we recuperate and reuse seven pallets.

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