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Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and recyclable plastics.

Why choose us

In today’s deadline- and profit-centric business world, Ducor Petrochemicals offers manufacturers worldwide the rarest commodity of all: peace of mind.


Multiple sources of monomers, supplied by sea or pipeline, and sufficient raw material basis makes Ducor Petrochemicals your reliable long-term partner for plastics. Our three production lines are completely interchangeable and combinable. So, if one line is down, the two others can bear the entire production load. Even more cost-effective: after each 100-ton run, it’s perfectly possible to switch to another product.


Ducor Petrochemicals’ flexibility is not exclusive to the big players on the market. We serve 3,000 smaller customers a year because we are willing to perform production runs below 500 tons. We’re also capable of providing very short turnarounds. Our three production lines enable us to produce three different products at a time and switch lines as needed. Hence, completing orders within two business days is no impossible feat.


Deliberately structured to facilitate innovation, Ducor Petrochemicals follows the market closely so we can adapt and ensure fast product cycles. Knowledge is highly valued. We work hard to maintain an extensive network of a well-trained, insightful and up-to-date workforce. The investment in expertise and R&D extends beyond our European borders, with e.g. a large R&D department located at our Israel-based sister company.

Strategic location

Ducor Petrochemicals is strategically located adjacent to the two major world harbors, Rotterdam and Antwerp. Connections to several pipelines makes this location an ideal logistic hub operating right in the heart of Europe. At Ducor Petrochemicals, we’re ready and able to take your plastics needs to the next level. We look forward to transforming your ideas into sales as efficiently and effortlessly as possible.

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