Imagine what we can make with plastic …


Under the brand name DuClear, we produce a versatile range of polypropylene homopolymers and random copolymers, produced with Novolen gas phase technology, DuClear products are non-toxic and recyclable, and are used in the production of high-clarity and high transparency packaging (e.g. by injection molding or thermoforming)

Imagining better products with plastic

With R&D know-how and a service-oriented focus, Ducor Petrochemicals is your trusted partner for custom-made products created with polypropylene. But, more importantly, Ducor is your resource for imagining better products with plastic.

Great ideas start with a phone call. We sit together and dream up the best solutions for our customers and their production processes. Because we constantly innovate, Ducor can think alongside its partners to create advanced products that anticipate market needs.

Expanding customer options

Phthalate-free products such as DuClear expand customer options in an increasingly phthalate sensitive marketplace. The ability to conform to health and safety regulations prescribed by authority agencies makes Ducor a reliable partner. Our extensive line of mainly vegetable-sourced materials gives companies more options and appeal.

Quick delivery, without compromising on quality

Ducor’s high-speed injection molding, polypropylene homo- and random copolymer grades save time and money because they contain nucleation additives, which allow fast cycle times. Quick delivery, with no compromise on quality, translates into a short time-to-market and ultimately better market performance. For us, personalized service and technological insight are essential to product development solutions of the highest caliber.

DuClear product features

  • DuClear products are produced with a phthalate-free catalyst system.
  • DuClear products exhibit improved organoleptic properties.
  • DuClear products offer improved impact/stiffness balance.


Polypropylene homopolymers

Polypropylene homopolymers

Polypropylene random copolymers

Polypropylene random copolymers