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Polypropylene producer & solution seller.

Who we are

With R&D know-how and a service-oriented focus, Ducor Petrochemicals is your trusted partner for custom-made products, and more importantly, your resource for imagining better plastic products.

Innovative, diverse solutions

Our daily inspiration is fueled by the excitement that comes with innovation. That’s why we continuously invest in further expanding our R&D and technical expertise, and hence our capacity to give our customers additional insight into developing innovative products.
Our production site in Rozenburg, the Netherlands, produces over 180,000 metric tons of non-toxic and recyclable polypropylene  products per year. These are used in a wide range of applications, such as automotive parts, healthcare, electrical appliances, textiles, packaging materials and numerous household items.

Reliable, long-term partnerships

We focus on your needs, not only developing and producing your product entirely to your specifications, but also with an eye to creating added value. With our technological know-how, we are able to make recommendations that can save costs and increase your production capacity.
The ability to conform to health and safety regulations prescribed by authority agencies makes Ducor Petrochemicals a reliable long-term partner. Our extensive line of mainly vegetable-sourced materials provides companies not only with a wide variety of options, but a more durable appeal as well.

High-quality, tailor-made products

We are committed to working directly with our customers to create high-quality, customized products. Because of our constant focus on innovation, Ducor Petrochemicals is ideally placed to collaborate and think alongside its partners to create advanced products that anticipate market needs.
In addition to our personalized approach, our services are aimed towards helping you save time and money. Ducor Petrochemicals’ high-speed injection molding grades allow for fast cycle times, resulting in quick delivery and a short time-to-market, without ever compromising on quality.

Our location in the heart of Europe makes Ducor Petrochemicals easy for customers to reach, too. Come talk to us and let’s see what we can create together!

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