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We strive to improve quality of life, both now and for future generations.

Sustainability & Quality

Our business approach and technological drive are underpinned by key sustainability themes such as resource efficiency, governance, safety, and productive stakeholder dialogue.

Ethical use of resources

We define sustainability as the responsible and ethical use of resources to improve the quality of life in the world around us both now and for future generations. Whether addressing energy challenges or speaking with our local communities, we work continuously towards sustainable successful outcomes.

Transparent business model

To us, the overarching concept of sustainability includes such subjects as overall safety, the environment, man, and his direct surroundings. An open culture and dialogue, as well as transparency, are paramount when it comes to further developing our sustainable business model.

Safety policy

Because of the various hazardous materials we use on a daily basis, safety precautions are our main concern. We constantly and actively participate in developing and implementing new safety technologies, as well as in sharing experiences and policies with other similar companies worldwide through our partner CBI Novolen.

Continuous review and improvement

We endeavor to minimize our influence on the environment and our direct surroundings. This relates to all environmental aspects: noise, water, air, soil, and energy. All of these are factored in when designing new installations and services. Our products are continuously being reviewed and improved in order to improve energy and logistic efficiency, while maintaining our high quality standard, for which we are known.

Ducor Petrochemicals is ISO-certified for both quality (ISO 9001) and environment (ISO 14001).


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