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Ducor Petrochemicals and Shell Chemicals recently signed a supply agreement, for ISCC PLUS-certified Circular & Bio-circular propylene for Ducor’s polypropylene product portfolio, based on a mass balance approach.

The agreement is a next step in both companies’ collaborative effort, to supply increased volumes of sustainable propylene in 2024, building on the offtake of circular ethylene and propylene  by Ducor, in 2023.

As part of the roadmap developed through Shell Chemicals’ European Route to Zero programme, Ducor and Shell will continue to explore options to bring more sustainable chemical building blocks to market to be used in vital products, for applications in the medical markets through the DuCare brand, food packing, transport and building & constructions applications, as well as electrical vehicles, that are used by people every day.

Want to know more about the ISCC PLUS certification?

Take a look at the webpage ‘ISCC PLUS certificate’


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