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Message to our neighbors

Ducor Nieuwsberichten Buren

Maintenance work Ducor Petrochemicals BV factory

You probably know someone who works at Ducor or someone who has been hired there for the execution of certain specialist activities. After all, the Petrochemical industry is a small world.

Ducor is located on the 5210 business park on the Merseyweg and when you are in the center you can see the top of our torch.

Practically speaking we are neighbors. And neighbors inform each other when something is going to happen that can influence the welfare of someone else. If your own neighbors are going to renovate the house, then it is nice to know that you may be affected by this renovation.

From the last week of August 2018, the Ducor plant will temporarily be taken out of operation (for a period of approximately 6 weeks) in connection with large periodic mandatory maintenance.

This decommissioning will be accompanied by audio-visual consequences for the immediate surroundings, especially for our neighbors.

Why are we doing this?

Our installation/factory must be taken out of service at regular intervals for necessary maintenance and mandatory inspections.

The inspections mean that pressure vessels and safety valves are inspected. This must be done every 6 years and is only possible if the entire installation is pressure and gas free.

Partly because of this, Ducor can safely operate its installation for the next 6 years. During the shutdown of the installation, the torch will be addressed. This flare is a facility for safely burning the released gases with the least possible environmental impact. The torch is only addressed in the first week and possibly the last week of the stop.

Due to the height of the torch (98 meters) and the steam injection for optimum combustion of the gases, this will be clearly audible and visible in the area.

In short, we are probably going to cause some inconvenience in the period mentioned, but we will make every effort to limit this as much as possible. We understand that any inconvenience for you may be unpleasant, but for us this period is necessary to be able to operate the installation safely in the future and we count as a good neighbor on your understanding.

If you have any questions, ask them at the following email address:

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