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Circular plastics economy: Nothing is Wasted, Everything is Transformed!

Nothing Is Wasted, Everything Is Transformed!

A trend is sweeping through the plastics manufacturing industry and it’s about time! Carmel Olefins, and other large plastics manufactures, are heeding urgent calls to face the global challenge of plastics pollution. While the use of plastic does have its advantages, such as packaging that decreases food waste, but we have to drastically reduce the use of disposable tools, increase the use of recycled materials, get rid of single-use plastics, and resolve issues of waste sorting and cleaning. A transition from a linear to a circular, resource-efficient economy will only happen if there is collaboration across the entire plastics value chain – from producer to recycler. Carmel Olefins is taking proactive steps to rethink the plastics waste challenge and one way is by supporting innovation to advance the recycling potential of plastics. We all have a responsibility. We all have a role to play!

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