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Ducor commits to the Operation Clean Sweep program

Ducor Petrochemicals Operation Clean Sweep

Today, Ducor Petrochemicals BV (Ducor) in Rotterdam joined Operation Clean Sweep (OCS). To this end, Ducor has signed the promise of OCS in which agreements are laid down regarding the prevention of the loss of plastic granulate into the environment. Operation Clean Sweep is an international programme of Plastics Europe, the organisation of plastics manufacturers in Europe.

Ann Geens, managing director of Ducor: “With this signing we make it clear that we at Ducor want to take up our social responsibility. Pollution in the environment due to the loss of granulate must no longer occur. We have already taken many measures in this area at Ducor, but perhaps we can do even better. We work hard on that, every day.”

The signing of the OCS pledge means that Ducor will adhere to numerous precautions to prevent granulate from ending up in the environment. This ranges from operational measures around the production and transport of granulate, to training of personnel and tightening of procedures.

Ann Geens: “I am proud and happy that we are really working towards a cleaner environment. I also notice that our own employees like to participate in this and I encourage fellow companies to sign and live up to this promise as well”.

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