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Ann Geens for Plant Manager of the Year

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Vote for a sustainable future of petrochemicals.
Please, vote for Ann Geens.

Plastics have a bad rap. We can’t deny that. But plastics are legitimately relevant and necessary, and therefore have a place in our future. However, it’s important that they must always be developed sustainably and be part of a circular processing flow.
The chemical industry, and our company included, are putting forth an enormous effort to meet these standards. But it’s a lengthy process, it doesn’t happen overnight.
We must attract and mobilize all the talent we can so that we may continue to rise to meet these challenges in the future. It’s about getting the right people in the right place. We must encourage the youth, especially young women, to take up the “challenge in chemistry.”

I want to cooperate to spread the added value of our sector and correct that bad image when necessary.

No ostrich policy. Rather, anticipating problems and solving them with an open mind. This is how I want to help bring about a more positive image for our sector, where openness, sustainability, innovation and young (talent) are central. Hopefully, I can count on you to stand with me. When you vote for me, you vote for a sustainable future for the petrochemical industry.

Vote here for Ann Geens.

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