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Sustainability Workshop Ducor Petrochemicals and Shell

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On Tuesday, Ducor hosted a workshop with several selected clients and guest speakers from Shell Chemicals, to learn more about our offering of polypropylene, produced from sustainable feedstocks, certified through ISCC PLUS

As part of the sustainability strategy from our parent company, Bazan Group, Ducor is leading the development of a sustainable product portfolio and through the implementation of ISCC PLUS certification and access to on Bio, Bio Circular and Circular feedstocks, we are now able to provide our client base and the value chain with sustainable polypropylene products, on a mass-balance principle.

It was an extremely insightful afternoon, where the variety in applications from the different partners led to engaged discussions and provided a base for intensifying the cooperation in the value chain.
To further strengthen the partnerships in the value chain, we shall be organising further webinars and meetings over 2023, bringing the solutions to the broadest audience possible.

We are continuously improving and upgrading our portfolio of products and increasing the options for more sustainable products to our client base.

Partnership is key, as is an understanding of the objective, so come and talk to us. Our team and partners will be able to provide you with assistance, information and product solutions to meet your sustainability needs.

If you are interested in learning more about the Ducor sustainable product portfolio, please contact the salesmanagers or send an email to:


Want to know more about the ISCC PLUS certificate?

Take a look at the webpage ‘ISCC PLUS Certificate’

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